Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quote of the Day

Remember when lefties were all about free speech? When did that change? Why did that change? Perhaps the answer is: Free speech was only ever a means to an end. When they got their free speech, made their arguments, and failed to win over the American people, and when in fact the speech from their opponents seemed too successful, they switched to the repression of speech, because the end was never freedom
Ann Althouse brings it.  Note to the Left: when everything is a mean to an end, you've got no stinkin' moral high ground.


BobG said...

"Liberals are very broadminded: they are always willing to give careful consideration to both sides of the same side."
- Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I am reading through the comments at that post...

Righty: "Wright and the rest on the left are not engaging in free speech when they try to get Beck fired. They are engaging in intimidation and repression of speech."

Lefty: "I suppose that Octavia Nasr, Eason Jordan, Ashleigh Banfield and even Ward Churchill would all qualify as victims of 'intimidation' under your definition then. Right?"

Eason Jordan? You mean the CNN hack who accused American soldiers of targeting journalists and offered NO PROOF to back up his claims? How was calling for his firing intimidation? Not that CNN in particular or American journalism in general really has any credibility whatsoever anymore, but I am reminded of what Michael Marks of the Fifty Caliber Institute said about Rose French's hatchet job on Ronnie Barrett and his .50-caliber rifle:

"It sullies the name and profession of the countless good journalists who work hard to produce quality articles that are well-researched and question both sides of an issue; people who are sick of being the brunt of integrity jokes, or of having doors slammed in their faces by interviewees fearful of a 'hatchet job' like the one written by Ms. French. When that happens the real press suffers, and so do the people that depend on them."

You can definitely say the same of the sins of Eason Jordan. If he'd named specific people he and/or CNN would probably have gotten sued, and for good reason. HAS Glenn Beck ever done anything comparable?