Saturday, February 12, 2011

Riddle me this ...

On the first episode of Top Shot's season two, the teams chose their own members.  So why were the girls picked last (or nearly so)?


Home on the Range said...

I find in the field, I am most effective in that I'm usually invisible. It's keep me safe more than once, it's given me time to close a case, more than once. I'm just a gal with freckles and a redheaded pony tail. I couldn't possibly be running the team, be someone important.

Sometime being underestimated brings about its own rewards.

Josh Kruschke said...

Just show how dumb the boys can be, on average women have better hand eye coordination which usualy translates into better shots.

Maybe they new something about those perticular women, but I doubt it.

I've never watched the show so not sure how they choose the shooter before the show.


ASM826 said...

I watched it the other evening. Lots of testosterone. It was "Survivor with Guns." Not enough focus on the shooting for my taste.

I will probably watch some of it, though.

Hat Trick said...

Both the ladies are USPSA champions. They should have picked Maggie first off for her last name alone. I was shocked that Jay Lim didn't even know what 3-gun was when he was interviewing everybody.

Check out their bios.

If that Sharps was sighted properly for 200 yds I'm very disappointed with the whole bunch except Jay Lim. Shooting from a sandbag rest they should have been hitting alot better than they did.

AnarchAngel said...

I think there is a perfectly logical reason for it. They watched last season, and saw there were a lot of challenges that had very little to do with straight up shooting.

The two ladies in question are both quite small, and while they may be quick and agile, they are probably low on upper body strength.

Boat Guy said...

Bride and I watched. I was VERY surprised that the 3-gun gal wasn't picked sooner. I would have picked her as one of my first.
And, given her performance with the .45, I'd have been proven wrong to do so.
I hope to see better shooting from most of the folks, I too have been surprised - even dismayed - at some of the seemingly easier targets being missed. The sliding plates and billard balls appeared to be both challenging and fun.
Don't know why paintball is on the agenda and have some misgivings about that