Monday, February 3, 2014

Sounds legit

Cruising through the Spam Can, I found this gem that Sumd00d left on my post Hack your neighbor's wifi in 7 minutes:
hack neighbor's internet password within 5 minutes, free download wifi hacking software
Sounds legit.  I mean, it's free!  Whatever could go wrong at that price.

To those of you* tempted to practice the Dark Arts, unless you know what and where you're downloading from, just don't.  Remember Borepatch's first law of security: "free download" is Internet-speak for "open your mouth and close your eyes".

* Not that you'd ever do this.


Stephen said...

Read this to the wife. She said, "Huh?" Me, "Never mind."

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Quite a lot of the software I use on a regular basis is free. Wireshark (protocol analyzer), LibreOffice (Office document software like MS Office), NMAP, ClamAV, PartImage, GPG, TrueCrypt, ODESSA, GrassGIS, Ophcrack, John the Ripper

All free, all open source, all very trustworthy, used at least 1x a week each.

Just saying, there is good, free software out there.