Thursday, February 27, 2014

The White Man's Burden ...

... is to civilize the African continent:
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed into law Monday, February 24, the “Anti-Homosexuality” bill, which stiffens penalties against homosexuality, already criminal under Ugandan law.


UPDATE: The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway have frozen or redirected millions in aid to the country. According to Secretary of State John Kerry, the United States is reviewing its relationship with Uganda after the president signed the law.


UPDATE (6:45 p.m. ET 2/26/14):
Secreary of State John Kerry has likened Uganda's anti-gay bill to nazism and apartheid saying, "You could change the focus of this legislation to black or... Jewish, and you could be in 1930s Germany or you could be in 1950s, 60s apartheid South Africa."

UPDATE: (8:37 a.m. ET 2/27/14)
: At least three European countries have already begun the process of cutting foreign aid to Uganda.
And now, a musical tribute to the Finest Minds™ in the West:

Man, not much has changed in the last 60 years.


Old NFO said...

Political correctness is spreading... and NOT for the better!

Goober said...

You can't say those things, Borepatch. The "white man's burden" is racist and wrong.

All cultures are equal (except ours, which is inferior). No culture is less than another.

Paul, Dammit! said...

...and yet it's still safer to be a flaming, open Ugandan homosexual than to be a Christian in the middle East.
Where are the Netherlands and Senator Lurch McMarrywell on that one?