Friday, February 21, 2014

About that Connecticut gun law that 90% of gun owners are ignoring ...

Goober brings the clue-by-four down on the lefties that are (surprise!) spouting nonsense:
One of the folks who is rooting for the prosecution of every gun owner in the state who either failed to comply, or who tried to comply but missed the deadline, is suggesting that they use the background check database to find out who bought an assault weapon, cross reference that to the folks who didn’t register an assault weapon, and then go pay those folks a visit. 
Once again, the absolute ignorance of these people when it comes to guns and existing laws is just jaw-dropping.  Also, they have already contradicted the arguments against the background check system, in that it would be used as a de facto registry – that didn’t take long.  But I’m just a paranoid nut. 
Allow me to lay a little bit of learning on you, folks…
The background check database is going to tell you three things:
1.       Who applied for a gun purchase;
2.       Whether the gun was a long gun or a pistol;
3.       Whether they were approved to purchase the weapon or not.
What it is NOT going to tell you is the following:
1.       If the gun was actually purchased after approval (it isn’t entirely unheard of that a guy changes his mind after approval and doesn’t buy the gun);
2.       If the gun was a scary black gun or one of the friendly wooden-stocked types, identical in every way to the scary gun, but without the scary looking features like the shoulder thingy that goes up.
3.       If the person who bought the gun still owns said gun.  Contrary to popular belief, it is totally legal for a man to sell his own legally owned property without asking the state’s permission.
He then does a thought experiment - what if you could actually do it (even though you can't)?  Spoiler alert - it still wouldn't work.  RTWT.


The Czar of Muscovy said...

Exactly. Of course, that's when the Leftie proposes legislation so that, going forward, the registry does precisely all those things.

I've never seen days like this, where the Left is losing EVERY argument on gun control. Our children, with luck, won't even understand why we were so worried about gun control; we have to remember to teach them why we were/are.

Weetabix said...

I still think everyone is missing the real point of this CT thing: I think they knew they would have massive non-compliance. I think this was to provide another tool so that when they're looking at someone, they can keep an eye out for the Malevolent Child-slaying Machines, then get the object of their attention on that charge.

Remember - they got Capone with taxes. They'll use any excuse they can find to take people down, so they manufacture more potential excuses.

Goober said...

First law of authority :

Never, EVER give an order that you have reason to believe won't be followed. There is no quicker way to make your authority evaporate than to do so.

The California registration attempt back in the seventies should have stood as stark warning, butit was unheeded.

The next move is in the state's hands. We'll see if they choose death or life here very soon.

Robert Fowler said...

Someone is going to die over this foolishness. The liberal idiot pisswits need to repeal this abortion of a law post haste. All it's going to take is for the state to decide they are going to enforce this. They might draw a honest gun owner that will comply, or maybe they won't. I wonder how many dead coppers and citizens is acceptable to these fools?

Jehu said...

What's going to happen when say 10% of the population decides as I have: that as a juror
a) I'm not going to enforce any law that I disagree with and
b) I'm not going to give any indication of same until it is time to nullify

Basically I've concluded that there's no payoff in being the last group still following the rules as written or the rules as intended. I don't think the other side recognizes just how dangerous this is.

Goober said...

Yes, Robert. I made that point, too, and I meant it. Blood will be shed over this foolishness and it will be on the hands of every one of these power mad rights defilers.