Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thank you, Gentle Reader

One can acquire everything in solitude except character.
- Stendhal
I had a nice chat with Brigid last evening, about dogs and what they mean to us, and family, and cabbages and Kings.  Over the last few years she's become one of my favorite people in the world, and we've never even met.  The Blogosphere has brought us together, and enriched my life.

And quite frankly, it's the same for you.  There's quite a crowd that gathers here every now and then, and all of you enrich my life through your comments, and linkatude, and general awesomeness.

So thank you, Gentle Reader, for coming here and enriching my life.  I don't think I've said that in a while, but it means quite a lot to me.

And it's all through the magic of the Internet.  It looks like it's fixin' to get unseasonably cold here for a few days, so Al Gore must be in town.  If I see him, I shall thank him for his most excellent Information Superhighway, without which I would never have met Barkley and Brigid, or Blogfather JayG, or you.  It breaks down the miles that make our solitude, and is a wonder for which I am quite grateful.
Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.
- Lin Yutang


OldAFSarge said...

Right back at you Borepatch. I enjoy your blog, don't always agree with you but you always make me think.


I feel so bad for Brigid. She too is a friend.

Rev. Paul said...

What he said, BP. I don't comment here often, but you're a daily read - and it has enriched us all.

Thank You, Come Again said...

I visit daily and am never disappointed. I am always digging up you techie posts to show my business partner.


Thank You, Come Again said...
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Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

Thank You Back, Sir.
You are 4th on my daily reading list after 'The Girls' (Ms B, Ms Tam and Ms Ecks)

Rich in NC

Graybeard said...

You really hit the nail with this one, BP. I've never met you, Brigid, Tam, Peter or any of the other bloggers I read all the time in real life but I honestly feel like I know you. Reading the news about Barkely from work yesterday honestly was like a kick in the gut.

This inter-tooby thing is quite an amazing world in its own right,

Lucy and Tigers Mom said...

Thanks back to you, BP. I don't comment a lot but you, along with Brigid, Tam, Graybeard and others are on my daily reading list. We may have not met but you are the kind of folks I would consider honored to call friends.

armedlaughing said...

The 'community' of blogfolk is indeed beyond all expectations!

Yourself included, good sir!

And, of course Brigid, Tam, Graybeard et al.

I'm humbled to be part of this community, and to call many of you friends.


Goober said...

Feelings mutual borepatch. The invite is still open for a hells canyon jet boat trip if you ever get up northern idaho way.

Chickenmom said...

There is always 'food for thought' here, Borepatch. Thank you!