Saturday, February 8, 2014

Eyewitness to Lincoln assassination on "I Have A Secret"

From 1956.  The gentleman was 96 at the time, and was 5 years old in 1865.

And he was paid cash for the appearance (you can see it at the end) and given tobacco for his pipe.  Different world.


Kansas Scout said...

I wonder if his story has been verified?

Borepatch said...

Kansas Scout, the Government wouldn't let it on TV it it weren't true!


libertyman said...

Just finished Nora Titones's book : "My Thoughts be Bloody" about the Booth brothers and family.
Excellent book.

Amazing how close we can be to history.

Alan said...

The set covered in cigarette ads looks more like a NASCAR event than a game show.

Dorsai said...

Different world indeed. YouTube has many clips from these old game shows, I'm rather fond of What's My Line. There a civility, a sense of dignity, that makes me a bit wistful.