Monday, February 10, 2014

Mail bag

Jeff emails regarding last week's Red Pill Republic post:
This is what comes of clicking on links...
read your post today, and went back to read your post from 2011, which I never read because back in 2011 I didn't know you existed...but you linked in that one to a blog called "Deconstructing Leftism' and (speaking of rabbit holes) went looking at it.  I'm a bit confused by your references, but if that blog is connected to Moldbug, I have to suggest not linking to him in the future.  The reason is this post from last month
which seems to be a one page summary/modernization of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and at the very least shows that anti-Semitism may now be endemic on the Left, but it's not died out on the Right.  Being Jewish, perhaps I'm a bit over sensitive on the point,  but I think the comments on that point bear me out in thinking that the blogger in question is, if not a member of Stormfront, at least a big sympathizer--and I have the general impression that you have no tolerance for Stormfront types.

And btw a general expression of thanks for your general excellence in blogging.  I went to college in Atlanta (Emory, now home, to my everlasting shame, to Jimmy Carter, although that's balanced out a bit by the Dalai Lama), so sometimes it's like reading news from back home.  As a point of data,  the globe has warmed enough in the thirty years since I was there that snowfall has increased considerably since I was there.  In the four years of my residency,  we had four days in which snow fell in enough quantity to remain on the ground,  all of them in the first three years.  Senior year, to my great disgust, there was no snow. And I looked forward to it, since I'm from Florida (still live in Florida, too.)
Thanks for the kind words, and for pointing out that climate is indeed cyclical.  The 1970s were distinctly colder and snowier all over the globe - I remember that was the decade where State U shut down due to snow one day.  In 20 years, it was the only snow day at the college.

And your point about reading with a bit of skepticism is timely.  The Dark Enlightenment attracts its share of kooks and conspiricists.  I haven't spent much time at Deconstructing Leftism, but its worth remembering your critical thinking when spelunking in that corner of the 'net.


2cents said...

Didn't you walk to classes (across the frozen Stillwater River) on that one snow day out of the past two decades only to find the campus closed, whereupon you walked back home?

Borepatch said...

I walked across the frozen river to classes, uphill both ways.


2cents said...

Actually, it was more a stumble back when you stopped at the Bears Den for a draft or two on the way home...