Sunday, February 9, 2014

A non-Politically Correct rant

The commercials for the Winter Olympics universally show a young woman. Nothing wrong with women competing on the fields of excellence. You go, Girl

But where are the guys? Especially when you think that women are Gagging for manly men, where are they?

I mean, these are the Olympics, sort of the definition of manliness. So where are the men?

Maybe the Olympics have been so feminized that men will never appear. Or not; I don't know.

But there's something we can't talk about.


burt said...

The "official" coverage is by NBC... and you're wondering why their poisoned political viewpoint is to give a politically correct view of an international sporting event taking place in the heart of a former communist (and now totalitarian) country where you can't drink or even wash with tap water, sleep in a bed with a pillow, or go outside the "ring of steel" without the threat of being killed?

Oh... sorry.. I didn't realize your question was rhetorical...

Goober said...

It’s all about qualifiers. This isn’t the fastest downhill skier on Earth. This is the fastest FEMALE downhill skier on Earth. There are actually quite a few downhill skiers that are faster than her, but they are all men. She’s actually the 12th fastest downhill skier on Earth, but she’s special, and she gets a medal when the 11th fastest downhill skier, who is actually faster than she is, gets nothing, because vagina.