Thursday, February 20, 2014

I actually think that Thomas Aquinas was the smartest dude of the last millennium

But this is a pretty good 3 minute introduction to his thought.

And yes, this is worth three minutes of your time.  Smartest dude in a thousand years.  And it sort of gets to the bottom of the "Creationism vs. Evolution" controversy at argument #1 (or is it 2?  Dang, he's smarter than me).


Rev. Paul said...

Yep. What you said. :)

armedlaughing said...

More hair, indeed!


Jaimee Neben said...
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Samrobb said...

Made. Of. Win.

Goober said...

Smart, except for the whole "I'm a monk and don't have sex" thing.

That was kind of dumb, because sex is awesome.