Monday, February 3, 2014

California and the EU get ready to kill their economies

California doesn't want any more programmers:
A handful of California coding bootcamps are fighting for survival after receiving a stern warning from regulators, VentureBeat has learned.

Unless they comply, these organizations face imminent closure and a hefty $50,000 fine. These organizations have two weeks to start coming into compliance.
Because the economy of the future won't need them, or something.  And rather than the middle class being able to get low cost training from bootcamps, California seems to want them to take on $100,000 of student debt at UC Davis.  For social justice, or something.

The EU doesn't want to export cars to the rest of the world:
A secretive EU body has agreed to develop a device to be fitted to all cars allowing police to cut off any engine at will, it emerged today.

Leaked paperwork has revealed the 'remote stopping' technology could be activated by a switch in a control room, shutting off the fuel and cutting the ignition.

The device, which could be imposed within a decade, would also allow police to track a vehicle's movements as well as immobilise it.
Why would anyone buy a German car that had a factory-installed Big Brother Switch?  Never mind that the security of these devices will be non-existent, because the design is done by fools - why would anyone think that police on these shores wouldn't use that switch, too?

The lack of insight and ability to foresee the the easily foreseeable that is on display is all you need to show that government isn't run by Philosopher Kings, and soo should be scaled back in size.  Dramatically.


JayNola said...

Honestly how is this any different from OnStar?

Nosmo King said...

I'd like "where will police agencies buy their cars in 6 years for $1,000, Alex."

I'm sure the local and state gestapo will have "special" cars without the gummint off switch, but I'd wager that it won't take long for some smart hackers to find the software holes on them. Even if they don't, the cars every other dot gov agency buys will have them, as will their employees.

Government shutdown, anyone?

Borepatch said...

JayNola, the difference is that GM can go out of business while the State of California and the EU can't. ;-)

Goober said...

What makes you think GM can go out of business? Didn't they just try that a few years back and get propped up like the good gubmint agency that they are?