Thursday, February 7, 2013

The weather in Vancouver: Blizzard of the century

Well, the weather here looks to be pretty nice, actually.  The weather in the northeast looks to be considerably less nice.  Normally this would be Yet Another time to congratulate myself for moving back south, but my flight tomorrow is through Toronto.

Expecting almost a foot of snow and 25 mph winds tomorrow.  Somehow, confidence is not high for a smooth changeover to the return leg to Atlanta.  Oh bother.

And after being on hold for an hour, the travel agent said that Delta had released the reservation to Westjet (who?) and they couldn't reroute me.  Westjet's automated system tells me that hold times are running 40 minutes or more.  Oh double bother.

Any fliers/road warriors have any opinion as to whether Toronto will keep operating normally in these conditions?


Rev. Paul said...

Westjet is a sometimes-partner airline with Alaska Air, but I personally haven't, so all I have is 2nd-hand reports. Those few I know who've flown with Westjet gave them an enthusiastic "meh".

Ruth said...

Syracuse should be operating with minimal delay unless winds are to bad. I'd hope Toronto would have an equally well planned weather reaction, but you what they say about the word "assume".....

The Big Guy said...

From my experience, weather won't shut down YYZ, the problem is the flights that won't be able to take off going to destinations from DC to Maine.
If the flights get ground held in Toronto, it can cause gate backup.
One would think they would corral the flights going to the NorthEast and keep gates open for flights going to unaffected airports.
(This requires intelligence and planning; Airports are run by government employees. Airlines are run by airline employees. Both groups are primarily a bunch of morons. Don't expect too much. That way you won't be disappointed.)

kx59 said...

I was going to say, email The Big Guy, he's been everywhere. But, I see he's already weighed in. :-)