Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The deadliest events cause by Man

There are disasters - earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, plagues.  Then there are the man-made horsemen of the apocalypse.  Here are the top 20 of those:

Jon Udell ties this to homicide rates and gun ownership rates in a very thought provoking post that is more or less impossible to excerpt.  RTWT.  Things are a lot better than they've been, and maybe better than you think.


Alan said...

As if homicides are all that matter.

Funny how they always want to ignore ALL OTHER VIOLENT CRIME in these things. Because getting beaten ALMOST to death is ok, I suppose.

Add in all other violent crime and the US is suddenly looking a whole lot better.

Anonymous said...

That graph is super misleading.

All the events of the 20th Century are treated as distinct events.

Do you really want to argue that the First World War was a totally separate event from the Second World War and both of those were totally separate from the Russian Civil War, the rise of Stalin, and the rise of Mao?

That's a silly argument when some of the other events took place over many decades or centuries.

That chart does a better job of displaying historical bias rather than declining violence.

Alan said...

foseti has a good point.

If the "Muslim conquest of India" gets to last 700 years then why do the wars and Communist purges of the 20th century get separated. I'd say they're all related. The entire 20th century could be called "100 years of socialism".

Borepatch said...

The events of Timur occurred over the span of a single lifetime, and so compare with Mao or Stalin.

Gengis is a little harder to say, because there was a good 3 generations where it pretty much worked the same way - a hundred years or so before the rot set in (Timur was a product of that rot).

So there's some justice in Foseti's complaint, but not universal truth. ;-)

Alan said...

I also don't like the "equivalent deaths today". Seems like exaggeration for effect.

A simple rate, per hundred thousand, would be more honest.

Alan said...

And the reason I'm putting that here instead of on Udell's blog is that he's got some kind of comment eating thing going on over there.

Blogging is so over. :D