Monday, February 4, 2013

I confess

I didn't watch the game last night.  I was getting ready to leave for Vancouver, and that combined with fatigue led to an astonishing level of don't-give-a-damn.  Even for the commercials, which I've live blogged in the past.

I have to say that I'm not looking forward to a week long series of meetings when I'm starting out this tired.  Oh well, mustn't grumble.


Old NFO said...

Go drink beer, you'll feel better :-) And Vancouver has some GOOD beers!

The Big Guy said...

I also suggest a visit to any of the several locations of Vera's Burger Shack... (You can't beat our meat!)
Try 'The Cantor' if you're peckish, and go for the Doug Special if you are hungry...
Don't forget the sweet-potato fries, or better yet- jalapeno bottlecaps.
Woo hoo!

My favorite Chinese downtown -
Shnaghai Bistro on the 1100 block of Alberni, and my favorite for oysters (good but not cheap)- The Boathouse - (where Beach Av meets Denman St.)

There is a place I went to all the time for All-you-can-stuff-into-your-face Sushi - Toyama - 757 Seymour St...

If you're out in Richmond- All you can eat Sushi & Japanese at Aji Toro on No. 3 Rd...

For fun- if you have a car and time to kill I have 2 places I like-
Steveston- nice little fishing-village-cum-tourist-trap near the mouth of the Fraser river, or even better-
A little geographical anomaly called Point Roberts, where the Vancouver peninsula dips down below the 49th parallel- Bring your passport.
Kinski's Reef was our favorite during the Winter Games in 2010.

The Big Guy said...

Oh- for extra fun, use your concealed-carry permit as ID when you check into your hotel.
Canadians f'ing LOVE this.

(Well, maybe not so much LOVE, but enjoy it, as it gives them something to talk about other than the weather and how the Canucks are doing.)