Friday, February 22, 2013

Tab clearing

Pielke on Faith Based Science Policy.  Scientists tell us that funding for basic research (vs. applied research) is required.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of empirical evidence for this, although the policy dovetails quite nicely with scientist's financial interest.

Stares at the World on Dostoyevsky on modern Progressives.  It's astonishing how long ago people were on to the fallacies of progressivism, and how progressives simply ignore this.  Maybe they don't know.  Or they know and this is why they don't want to have the classics taught anymore.

Lawrence Person on Texas vs. California.  I hadn't realized that part of the superior Texas business climate is lawsuit reform.

Robert Langham is doing his annual Alamoblogging.

MSgt B finds what looks like the world's best bacon.

Sean is keeping the list of who to buy your guns from.  And who not to.


Anonymous said...

Small point: Lawrence Person, not Lawrence Peterson.

Borepatch said...

Brain fart. Fixed.

Goober said...

Since the Alamo was brought up – I’ve been ruminating on this one for quite some time:

Why the hell does it seem like Davy Crockett forgot every single thing that he obviously knew about guerilla warfare; learned through a lifetime of fighting beside and against Native Americans, and instead holed up behind a mud wall to face off against a far superior force from inside a fixed fortification?

There were almost 200 men in the Alamo. 200 armed, dangerous, motivated men, who could have shed themselves of their cannon, moved light and fast and just generally made Santa Anna’s life a living hell by constantly harassing supply infrastructure and ambushing forward scouts and knocking down bridges and every other thing that they obviously already knew how to do.

So why did they commit suicide behind those walls?

kx59 said...

Tort reform, as you can imagine, was a hotly debated subject in Texas. Doctors on the pro side, scab knee loiyas on the con side. (see what I did there?)

The benefit to cost ratio from bringing a frivolous lawsuit was turned completely right side up.

Oh, and let's never forget, while loiyas are a necessary evil, they do add value to nothing.