Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mom and I made Apple Crisp

It was a real flashback, to when she was showing me how to cut apples without cutting myself.  Now it was reversed, but it was still the same moment, frozen in time.  That was actually reassuring.  It's been good to have Mom here.

Oh yeah - in the apple crisp streusel topping, try using cut oates rather than regular oatmeal.  You'll have to cook it longer but it will be nicely chewy.  And toasted pecans on top is nice.


libertyman said...

How about sharing your Mom's recipe?

ASM826 said...

Recipe! Recipe! Recipe!

The mob clamors!

Old NFO said...

Recipe!!! Apple crisp is one I don't have anymore... sigh

Ajdshootist said...

Sometimes its the little memories that switch on the lights and she will be the the same as before least
thats what i have found with mother.