Saturday, February 16, 2013


I'm taking Mom to the airport this morning.  It's been good to see her, and we've had some fun times this week.  It's also been a little emotionally exhausting.  Kind of wrung out, actually.

Next steps: convince brothers that assisted living is less expensive (i.e. actually affordable) here rather than in San Francisco or Washington DC.  I expect that will be a fun conversation. Then convince Mom that she has to move.  That will be even more fun. 

Oh well, mustn't grumble.  Keep Calm and Git 'er Done.


Bob said...

Good luck with the whole situation, Ted.

Rev. Paul said...

One day/one step at a time. Godspeed.

libertyman said...

Making the move to assisted living was incredibly hard for my Dad. Once there, he made new friends, and did remarkably well. For some of his new friends, they left assisted living and went back to living on their own. (Some with
Perhaps it is a generational thing, but I will have no qualms about going to assisted living when the time comes. Heck, I'll get some of my old fraternity brothers together and we will have a ball!

libertyman said...

That should say "some with visiting helpers, but on their own, nevertheless"

Having visited nursing homes where people are living in drugged out storage, waiting to die, assisted lining can be a wonderful way to live.