Friday, February 15, 2013

Epic rant is epic

Go read it:
Then they came for the gun owners, and you liberal shitbags threw me under the bus, even though I'd done nothing wrong.  So when they come to put you on the train, you can fucking choke and die.
Or you can commit seppuku with a chainsaw.  I really don't care anymore.  This is the end of my support for any liberal cause, because liberals have become anything but.

Me, I'm happy to compromise on gun control.  We just have to repeal stupid and useless gun laws, and imagine all the progress we could make!  I mean, who supports stupid and useless laws?


WoFat said...

"Liberal." Just another word for a body part.

Pyrotek85 said...

I saw this earlier, it was great. I feel almost exactly the same way, they want everyone else to be tolerant of them and not have stereotypes or outright fabrications applied, but gun owners are on their own for some reason.

I think part of it is they're still equating gun owner with Republican/Conservative, when it's not necessarily so. Civil rights should never be a left vs right issue to begin with.

Erin Palette said...

This is why it's great to be a lesbian goth brony who likes guns. It shatters all their misconceptions and it blows their little minds.

Charles Lee Scudder said...

Bi, veteran, mixed race,gun owner. Still get called a racist at least once a week online

Glen Filthie said...

I am surprised that he is surprised.

If you lie with dogs you are going to get fleas. If you lie with rabid dogs you are going to get bit. Any conservative would have seen this coming a mile away. All the time I hear dummies putting on airs of superiority because they are in the middle of the road, politically speaking. They insist that we conservatives are no better than liberals. This is just the beginning too - if you haven't figured out that liberals are culturally and mentally ill yet - you will soon.

Goober said...

Awesome. I love his comparisons. He does a good job comparing gun issues to other issues that libs hold sacred. Should be mandatory reading.

Wraith said...

Bi, geek, BDSM-experienced, cat lover, biker, truck driver, stuffed penguin collector, Christian and conservative libertarian. I smoke more Leftist synapses before 7AM than most people do all day.

Find me another pickup truck with a Planet Cat sticker alongside the Gadsden flag...!! ;)