Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currahee - Three miles up, three miles down

This is what it looks like in an SUV.

Currahee Mountain is in northeastern Georgia, and was the site of an Army training camp in World War II.  The camp became famous as the training camp for the 101 Airborne, a story well told in Stephen Ambrose's best selling "Band Of Brothers" (and outstanding HBO dramatization).  The troops there had to run the mountain: "three miles up, three miles down".

Today the nearby town of Toccoa has fallen on somewhat hard times.  There is still a summer camp there on (more or less) the same site as the old base.  #1 Son went there a couple times a decade or so back, living like the recruits in non-air conditioned barracks (cabins) in the Georgia summer heat.  They didn't have him run Currahee although the road is still there.  Still three miles up, three miles down.


Old NFO said...

One hellva view, and I can't imagine running that with a full pack on!

Brad_in_IL said...


You mention BoB. Hanks & Spielberg have started work on another project. This one will be about the Eighth Air Force, aka The Mighty Eighth. I jost hope they do a better job than what they did with Pacific.