Friday, February 1, 2013

About the Jeep

Seems a caliper was locking, which is why the brakes got destroyed.  Seems fixed.  Doesn't seem like they fixed the magic smoke problem - still smells like magic smoke. Bah.

And I didn't want those two field grade M1 Garands. Bah again.


Glen Filthie said...

Field grade? I should say not!

I think I saw that Springfield is now making new M1's and they are fresh from the factory!

Think the boys at Auto Ordnance are making brand spankin' new M1 carbines too!

I hope you're driving an older TJ and not one of those newer Jeeps, BP? I just sold my mint 97 TJ Sahara (in desert tan and pickle green)and I miss it immensely. That thing was even more robust than the might Garand.

Rev. Paul said...

Spendy or not, I'm glad you got the problem licked.

Local gun shop here had a Springfield M1A1 with black synthetic stock; asking price was $1195. I'm afraid to look, now.

Broken Andy said...

Sorry to hear that, Borepatch. Next I come to the Peach State I'll bring my Garand.

doubletrouble said...

Next time I come down, I'll bring my tools- sounds like your caliper pistons need to be slicked up a bit...

Bob said...

Downside of being poor (or even comparatively so) is having to face decisions like that.

Every time I hear that line about the rich having it as tough as the poor I want to hit someone. Specifically,t the rich person who says it.