Monday, February 11, 2013

A funny thing happened when I wasn't posting much

Unexpectedly, I got some linky love from some pretty big sites:

The link pointed here.  It's odd to get that sort of attention, as I just sort of tossed the post off as a minor rant.  But thanks to Harvey at IMAO!

And then Doug Ross linked to this, which was just another sort of tossed-off mini-rant.  Thanks, Doug!

I have to confess, though - my blogging has not been at all up to par this last week with all the travel and meetings.  I guess I just don't understand what attracts a link and what doesn't; maybe that's why the lucrative full time blogging job has yet to materialize.


Old NFO said...

LOL, neither do the rest of us... We've had THAT conversation more than once... :-) Just keep doing what you're doing!

Tacitus said...

Coincidentally I added Borepatch to my "blogroll" yesterday. Admittedly this is an honor akin to being awarded the Grand Star of Merit from the Republic of Serbia, but still.


chiefjaybob said...

Since it was so successful, perhaps you should toss off more often. Just sayin'.....

Backwoods Engineer said...

As a blogger, I agree: it is hard to know what will attract links and what will not. That's why we keep at it, brother.

I read your blog every day. I appreciate your clear thinking.