Monday, October 17, 2011

What's in your Bug Out Bag for your pets?

What, not taking them with you?  Elly May Clampett isn't.

Donna Douglass is still alive, and still likes her critters.  Well done, ma'am.


aczarnowski said...

Our BoB's are designed around a house fire. Since canines don't have high fashion requirements, don't require shower kits and aren't on daily meds all we have in there is a homemade leash and spare collar/tag for each pup.

If we're moving out their, always packed, travel bag goes in the truck along with the food container. Travel bag includes:

- food bag
- bowls
- spare leashes/collars/tags
- their blaze orange "woods" collars
- brush, comb and scissors (handy when Golden Retrievers find a briar bush)
- tick tweezers
- couple old towels
- night time treats
- Red Cross canine first aid booklet

The travel bag is just an old REI duffel bag. I need to find a smaller one. The stuff above doesn't take much space at all.

Boat Guy said...

The dogs will hump some water if we're hoofing it. At that point they'll just have to deal with MRE peanut butter and cheese spread after the first couple of days.
We keep their travel stuff packed for the car with 2 weeks worth of chow and a small daypack with the OTC meds they can take and some dressings etc

North said...

I need to build a time machine and boink Ellie Mae.

Did I say that out loud?

I should trade my house pets for animals that don't need food, but ARE food. Cats can go either way.

Did I say that out loud?

Guffaw in AZ said...

@North - You dirty old man!
Sounds as if we think alike!

Southern Belle said...

I can't believe she can really whistle like that! I always assumed it was a voice over on TV.. LOL