Saturday, October 15, 2011

Texas blogmeet

Southern Belle is organizing a November blog meet, and here's your chance to vote on where you'd like it.  There are a bunch of you in Dallas, and some in Austin, and some on the coast, and a few in between.

Me, I drive 14 hours along I-20, and so I'll go wherever all y'all like.

Stop by Belle's place and leave your vote in the comments.  Austin folks, I'm happy to drive, and the Wrangler can take 3 of you.  And enough guns to invade Canada.


That Guy said...

So, that would be like... six, maybe seven guns?

Borepatch said...

Actually, That Guy, I seem to have a number of Canadian readers who, despite all the impediments, could likely meet us with equal firepower.

Or join us. Maybe we can ditch both governments, and actually see some individual freedom restored, where people who raise rabbits or like raw milk no longer need fear the pounding on their door in the dead of the night.

But then again, I'm more a Uniter, than a Divider ...


45er said...

If they can get all of the locks off in time and/or dig them out of the basement where they are keeping the unregistered stuff with which the government turned them into criminals overnight. That's our finish line if we're complacent with "common sense" laws.