Sunday, October 9, 2011

Texas blogshoot time?

The South Texas gunblogger community's very own community organizer is thinking about another blogshoot.  The last one was tons of fun.

She had the suggestion of College Station as a venue.  This is interesting in that it might be close enough to get some of the Dallas are bloggers attending.  We probably need an outdoor range, because this will be a proper blogshoot, with a proper blogshoot target:

Don't have a cow, man!  I'm out of Teletubbies, Pokemons, and Hello Kitty.

If you're interested, go leave her a comment.


Lissa said...

Oo oo! You need some obnoxious sign about the 99%!!!

Jennifer said...

Heck, if we could swing it, you'd get a pair of central Oklahoma bloggers. We'd love an excuse to head south.

That Guy said...

Depending on the time, I'd be up for it.