Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I must watch this film about Seventeenth Century musket and pike battle

It looks pretty realistic.  Viggo Mortensen's Spanish even sounds pretty good, at least to my untrained ear.

Or you could go hard core re-enactment.  I knew we Colonials liked to dress up in "Civil War" garb, but didn't know that they liked to do that in Her Britannic Majesty's  scepter'd isle:


Anonymous said...

Ted, I've got a Facebook friend who's into that stuff - they use matchlocks and the whole nine yards. He sends me videos of it. Let me know if you want his contact info.

BTW, I was sitting next to a guy at the ABQ range last Saturday who was touching off a matchlock and all manner of other neat old stuff. It was pretty cool. He let me shoot his Martini-Henry . . . I felt like I was at Isandlwana.

cheers, erich martell
albuquerque nm

NotClauswitz said...

Looks like a bloody and brutish business.

Nancy R. said...

I did the whole musket vs. pike thing about 15 years ago. English Civil War folks are a crazy group who (at least when I was doing it) didn't wring their hands over what wasn't "safe". (Is pipe bomb on a stick - is not safe.) I remember ramming the powder sans scouring stick (took too long) by simply slamming the butt of the musket on the ground while advancing up a steep hill and firing volleys 3 deep. Luckily I got to be in the middle or back rank, being taller than most. I went by the name of "Nate".

There was actually one battle of the ECW fought in St. Mary's, MD.

Borepatch said...

Nancy, interesting. I lived for years in Maryland, and never heard that.

Nancy R. said...

They used to do a reenactment around the middle of October, I believe. The Battle of the Severn, I think. I was in a car accident on Columbus Day weekend in 1997 and went to the battle the following weekend. My knee was too torn up to participate, so I sat around the campfire with two incredible black eyes telling everyone I took a musket butt to the face.

I still have all my kit. Heck, I might even be able to squeeze into it again.

Mrs. Bitchpatch #1 said...

It's no wonder Viggo's Spanish sounds good. He is bi-lingual, if not trio-lingual. Apparently, the fine Mr. Mortenson's family traveled a great deal, and he spent some years of his youth in Argentina, and Venezuela, as well as Denmark. His Father is Danish. Don't know how good his Danish is. Too bad his political views stink.