Monday, October 10, 2011

Stay classy, Reverend

Wow, just wow.

I don't want to get into a deep theological discussion, so I'll just leave it at this: Rev. Jeffress is a small-minded, ignorant jackass.  So STFU, Scooter, and stop telling the Lord to whom he may or may not grant his Gospel Grace.  It's a gift, one that you don't earn as the wages of a model life.  The Lord makes it clear that He loves weak, sinful people.  Cultists, even.

You want to read some scripture, look up the parable of the Mote and the Beam.

Dude, they're even ripping you a new one over a Theo Spark.  Get a clue.


North said...

What does he have to say about the Jedis?

ASM826 said...

Holy Cow, that's not all that's going on at Theo Spark! They're celebrating the creation!

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I got into this one over the weekend. Some person who had a bigger mouth than brain tried to chuck the Mormons off the Christian bus and I let her have it. She said that the Mormons aren't Christian. I pointed out that their very name argued against that interpretation.

This sort of crap pisses me off. I don't have any brief for any religion, nor for atheists either. I just don't see how anyone has the right to take what is essentially God's decision and pass judgement on the beliefs of others. I'm fine with you passing judgement on their actions. Just leave their religious beliefs out of it.

i'm not going to vote for the RINO Ken Doll because I think he would be better suited to run against Obama for the Democrat nomination for President. I don't particularly care about what pet name he has for God.

danh said...

I appreciate your usual blog comments, but this is way off. You might want to check the theology a bit better. I am a Christian, and studied Mormonism extensively. No mainstream Christian denomination has ever considered Mormons to be part of Christian orthodoxy, and likewise, the Mormons to not consider us Christians "saved" At best we rate "level 2 heaven" for being good, but not level three (Where the Mormons go) Furthermore if you study Mormonism, you will find that they believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan (and both are physical children of God), and that God (YHWH) used to be a man who was exalted and became God through his works.

Mormons can be great people, some Mormons may have a real relationship with Jesus. I am not the judge of any individuals salvation. However, the official teachings of the Mormon church stray very wide of historical Christianity.

Borepatch said...

Sean, this really gets under my skin (obviously). It's sad that so many people seem to like to make themselves feel superior to other people.

It's sinful, really, in the technical sense of the word.

Personally, I think it's a Very Bad Sign if you're more focused on someone else's chances of salvation than on your own. But that's just me, I guess.

Jay G said...

And this? This is why I don't have much truck with organized religion...

Six said...

I live in a predominately Mormom community, Hurricane Utah. Both my wife and I are formner Mormons. We didn't leave the church because they weren't Christian but because we felt they were doctrinally in error. We chose a different church not a different faith. The Mormons have their flaws (don't we all?) but a lack of faith isn't among them.

Please forgive my generalizations here.
I've found them to be caring, loving, family driven people who tend to focus on the positive. They are viruntly anti-communist and value the fruits of hard labor and business. They are charitable to a fault, having their own internal form of public assistance. The people are happy and friendly. Ask a neighbor for help and 9 times out of 10 you'll get more than you asked for. In some ways they remind me strongly of the Amish without that pesky streak of pacifism. They work hard and expect others to do the same. They Tithe, they pray and they attend in large numbers. They do not require anyone to convert and have no doctrine to do so, though they'll willingly and politely bend your ear if you ask them. I'm proud to share their community, our community not to put too fine a point on it, and call them friend.
Yes, I like them.

I would vote for a Mormon President (though not Romney but not because he's Mormon) without hesitation nor concern. They are largely conservative with a strong dash of libertarianism. They believe in self reliance, self defense and preparation.

I have no more concern over their version of Christianity than I do Catholics, Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Holy Rollers, Christian Scientists or any other branch of Christianity.

Sorry for rambling BP.

Borepatch said...

Very well said, Six. I agree with every word.

BS Footprint said...

"They are largely conservative with a strong dash of libertarianism. They believe in self reliance, self defense and preparation."

And hence, one explanation (but not justification) for the vitriol aimed at them.

Collectivists despise self-reliant people, as their very existence calls into question the collectivists' religious tenets.

BobG said...

I've lived around Mormons for over fifty years, and don't find them any different from any other Christian sect.
I agree with Six from "Herkin".

Unknown said...

Ironic really that the person given the leveling the charge does so in a manner uncharacteristic of the faith he espouses.

I agree, the Mormons I have known practice what my parent's who raised me in the Catholic Church, and that I understand to be "Christian Charity." I happen to have benefited from some myself when an orthodontist gave me a discount for my kid's braces---because he could and because we needed it. I don't consider myself a particular religion any more--but I know that the Man who the Reverend is claiming to know who the 'true' followers are was about Inclusion. The message is pretty clear: How we treat our fellow man is what matters. I don't see the Mormons acting like this putz...

Anyone who claims a religious or moral superiority based on Theology or Doctrine, not behavior, as the reason for their "issue" with someone, is demonstrating a type of conduct that Jesus warned against...the belief/behavior test means it is none of my business what someone believes, what they do is, only my business IF it effects me or someone I have a moral duty to defend or protect.

Why is it that so many loud and proud have difficulty with separation of Church and State?