Sunday, October 23, 2011

HuffPo shocked - shocked - to find their Progressive Jesus can't raise the dead

Even the fever swamps are waking up to GunWalker:

Who in their right mind would think using criminals to smuggle thousands of guns in to Mexico was a good idea?

Our Justice Department refuses to reveal the creator or cost of Operation Fast & Furious. Why?

What the hell is going on in this country? And why don't our federal officials just man-up and admit when mistakes have been made?
[Uses quiet, patient voice reserved for talking to slow, small children] Because, Punkin, while we like to say that we're a nation of laws, not men, the Organs of the State are not staffed with Philosopher Kings.  Nor do the election ballots offer us a choice between Philosopher King A or Philosopher King B.

Because ideology kills, as the sad history of the last century (and previous centuries) shows.  That some people are so enamored of their ideology that they blind themselves to the possible - even likely - outcomes.

Because some people [*cough* HuffPo *cough*] seem to suffer from their own ideological blinders, able to expound at length about Weapons of Mass Destruction being used as an excuse for an ideology, while mystified why "our federal officials" don't just man up and admit a mistake.  I mean, the Right People were finally voted in!

Mark hits center mass:

It's not as though Obama was at all shy about his intent to destroy the American economy, eviscerate the Constitution, and in general vitiate his oath of office.

Did you think he was lying to you when he told you he was going to make coal-fired electrical power so expensive as to drive it off the market?

Did you think he was kidding when he (in the person of his harridan wife) told you he was going to put the lie to American history, to revise our national ideals, to, in short, redefine the American experiment to one in socialism, rather than freedom?

Did you think Obama was mistaken when he told you he would gladly accept being a one-term president, so long as he could wreak his havoc in that one term?
Progressives are invested in the idea that the Intellectual Class should rule, because of their intelligence and higher learning.  While conveniently ignoring the problem of the obvious lack of wisdom, they also (conveniently?) ignore Lord Acton's dictum.  No, not that power corrupts, although it does.  This one:
The problem is not that any particular class is not fit to rule.  The problem is that no class is fit to rule.
- Lord Acton

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Mark Alger said...

I've always preferred the remix of Acton that goes: "Power attracts the corruptible." More cautionary that way.