Sunday, October 16, 2011

Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring

A lot of people think of Classical Music as completely SWPL.  Aristocratically commissioned, it's the the type of concert you go to in white tie and tails, or your most elegant evening gown and jewels.

Not the sort of thing where you expect the local Po-Po show up by the Intermission.

That's what happened on opening night for this piece.  Stravinsky, inspired by the rhythms of heavy industry, created a ballet using entirely unconventional music, and then sprung it on an unsuspecting Parisian public in 1913.  Fistfights between supporters and detractors broke out in the aisles, during the performance.  The police (sort of) restored order by the Intermission.

Composer Camille Saint-Saëns is said to have stormed out in the middle.  Forget the music; I'd have paid cash money just to watch the Soccer Ballet Hooligans.

A generation later, this was mainstream, used in Disney's Fantasia.

I loved the Dinosaur battle, even if they were in a swamp.  But it was the 1940s, after all, and that was the current "Science is Settled" "consensus".

Their visual effects are impaired by the distinct lack of Parisian Gentlemen, in full white tie and tails, engaged in fisticuffs.



Anonymous said...
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libertyman said...

Nicely presented -- I am impressed by the adaptation of Disney's people to the score -- and their imagination! Look at the subtle moves of the dinosaurs - imagine the hours of work involved. Artistry in film and music done over 70 years ago, many of the artists unacknowledged.

Thank you once again for a great Sunday class!

Ruth said...

I've always loved the Fantasia movie. Now I have to go did out my copy and watch it again!

Borepatch said...

Anonymous, thanks a lot for your Spam!

No need to thank me, Libertyman. It's all part of being a full service blog.


Ruth, I loved it, too, and it's going to be appearing here over the next while. It's amazing.