Monday, October 31, 2011

Smoking hasn't been this cool since "Casablanca"

This made me think about James Dean, and the Hollywood concept of "cool".  Cool isn't doing what people tell you that you should.  Never has been.

Now think on the fact that the Left has controlled the institutions that kids have grown up under.  The schools, of course, but also the media.  They've been increasingly hounded by intellectual harpies telling them that they must do this, and must not do that.

And now Cain's Chief of Staff smokes a fag*.  And the Usual Suspects are going out of their minds about it.  And so a musical tribute to the Cain Campaign, who know how to wage psychological warfare.


* I used the term deliberately.  I expect that the Usual Suspects will go out of their minds.  But if I did what I was told by them, that wouldn't be cool.


bluesun said...

There was a whole page in today's paper devoted to this. AP article, of course, and they were pretty much going all PSH on Cain. Figure he's doing something right if it's pissing them off that much.

Stephen said...

And I love it....just wish they'd do a shooting that would blow their minds.

TJIC said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

a) I'm a non-smoker who supports a smoker's right - or anyone else's - to damage their body in any way they choose. I allow friends to smoke in my house and car. I liked Cain's ad. My vices tend to be dark beer, driving large trucks in traffic, and not wearing a helmet on a bicycle.

b) Ditto on the shooting ad.

c) Good song, but being from Detroit, I have to point out the original is by Brownsville Station


ScottH said...

I agree with quizikle.

Another good ad would involve greasy non-locally grown food; the stuff Michelle gorges on when the camera's turned off.

Brownsville Station's version is the best; I remember spending the day listening to CKLW just to hear them play it every hour.

An Ordinary American said...

I'd forgotten how obnoxious those hair bands were back then. . .

Cain is my man anyhow, regardless of how much his chief of staff smokes.

At least he inhales--and admits it.