Monday, October 31, 2011

Rick Perry's presidential moment

Via PJMedia:
In South Carolina this afternoon, TX Gov. Rick Perry held a press conference to detail his economic plans. The very first reporter tried distracting him by bringing up the birther nonsense. Perry was having none of it; he cut the reporter off in mid sentence, said the issue is a “distraction” and put the focus right back on his plan.

And that’s how it’s done. The rest of the reporters stuck to asking about his plans. The first never got to finish his, and ended up not asking any relevant questions, at least while I was watching. Every reporter who brings this up from now on should be treated with equal or greater contempt.
Yup.  Not sure about Perry, but this is exactly how you grab the idiot Media by their noses and pull them back around.  More, please.

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Dirk said...

Not a huge Perry fan, but, yeah. I liked what he did there.