Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I expect that a “Shenandoah Sunshine” isn't a cocktail

Yankee Born, Rebel Heart writes about Civil War re-enactment, hilariously.  Just a taste:

8. You have ever had a cookoff and food wasn’t involved.

9. You have ever been asked “Is that a real cannon?”
Yup, there are eight more.  Heh.

I suspect that if there were a cocktail called a "Shenandoah Sunshine", somehow white lightning would be involved.  Just sayin'.


Nancy R. said...

"You keep telling yourself 'This is JUST a hobby.'"

Was it Dave Barry who pointed out that there is a fine line between a hobby and mental illness?

When Sweet Daughter was younger, I was asked more than once if she was a real baby. I was nursing her on at least one occasion.

While camped in the middle of a pasture in upstate New York, I've heard a tourist wonder aloud how much money it cost to run gas lines out to all of those camp fires.

I've seen a tourist very earnestly tell a woman who was roasting a bird on a spit that her plastic turkey was melting.

Old NFO said...

LOL- I didn't know there WAS a line... :-) At Williamsburg I heard a tourist ask the woman cooking a turkey how the 'sprayed' the turkey scent...

Yankee Born, Rebel Heart said...

I just located this repost; Thank you kindly!

I always love the look on someone's face when I explain to them what I do. Priceless. :)