Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Worst Hacking Movie Ever

It's not released yet, so we'll have to wait and see.
The celluloid outing, entitled Subject: I love you, stars US actress Briana Evigan and has finished filming on the streets of Manila, in the Philippines, ahead of an expected release next year. The title of the film is the same as the subject lines of emails infected by the infamous Love bug mass-mailing worm, which infected millions of computers and caused a huge strain on overloaded mail servers back in May 2000.
What's exciting to me is to see a reference to the "Haxploitation" genre of films. Wow.

El Reg comments on the stiff competition:
Computer security experts, such as Graham Cluley, express concern that the movie might make virus-writing appear cool or even sexy. Judging from the lameness of the plot there would seem to be little to fear from that score. All we can hope for is that the film is so bad it becomes worth seeing for its sheer awfulness, much like Battlefield Earth, for example.
The current holder of the Worst.Hacing.Movie.Ever is, of course, Hackers. Not going to make the Edge pick of the week. BoxOfficeMojo reports the U.S. Domestic Gross for this was only $7M. Epic silliness, but not the fun kind. Such epic fail that desperate PR flacks set up a bogus "hack" of the movie's web site.

Click through to the site, there's a lot more that's much funnier than the doodling.

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