Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kiger Brannon Band - I'll Be Home Soon

It's not Veteran's Day, but tuesday is. Country music has a long, long tradition of supporting our troops, and we've seen one of these before here in Saturday Redneck. This is deep in Country's DNA, and Veteran's Day offers too many examples to choose only one.

However, this is one that you probably haven't heard, and one that you should listen to. It's not from one of the mega-stars, but from a Pennslyvania band that is "local" enough that it stretched my Google-fu to the limit.

The Kiger Brannon Band has produced a must-see video, not simply as a tribute to the fallen troops, but to raise money for the charity TAPS (Tragedy Assistence Program for Survivors). The band describes what they're doing:
We recently had the pleasure to combine our love of music with the chance to help others. A songwriter, Lee Peterson of Tennessee, sent us his song entitled "I'll Be Home Soon" that is about military families losing their loved ones. We recorded the song and created a music video to raise money for charity. The video was produced by Eric Pensenstadler at Video Horizons, LLC ( and the music was produced by Buddy Hall at Beacon Hill Studio. We are currently working closely with Dr. Dan Sudnick of T.A.P.S. (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). We have uploaded the video onto our web site at and sent over 60,000 emails from Bill Balsamico of Casa D’Ice ( containing a link to our web site with the song & video “I’ll Be Home Soon”, encouraging donations to T.A.P.S. We are hoping that these emails will then be forwarded to other people so that process continues around the world.
If you'd like, you can donate to TAPS or buy a "I'll be home soon" T-shirt ($5 goes to TAPS).

The captions that start about 4 minutes into this video are worth paying attention to.

Remember the veterans on Tuesday, especially those who aren't coming home soon.
Little girl sits by the foot of the stairs
sleep in her eyes and curls in her brown hair
she said "My daddy has to go, but he'll be home soon.
He told me he'd see me again with the rise of the Harvest Moon."

The girl had to face what she feared to be true.
But a man's got to do what a man's got to do.
The war was waged, and battle lines were drawn.
She knew in her heart that her daddy was gone.

Daddy has to go, but he'll be home soon.
I'm going to see you again with the rise of the Harvest Moon.
But if the good Lord takes me away from here,
just know in your heart that I'm always going to be here.

Young lady sits in a college classroom.
Determination in her eyes - she's going to graduate soon.
Her daddy always told her she could be anything, yeah.
She close he eyes at night and she can hear him say.

He'd say:

I'm always going to be here.

Doctor sits at a little girl's side.
Holds her trembling hands, wipes the teardrops from her eyes.
"Your daddy fought hard to try to make it through.
Here are some words I'd like to share with you.


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