Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fighting for (legal) guns in the UK

One of the great experiences of our lives was being able to live for a year in the UK. Great place, great people, simply an amazing experience.

Except where it comes to guns. We lived in Surrey (southwest outskirts of London) when the Dunblane school shooting occurred, and the goverment lost its mind. Almost overnight, guns were banned, with very few exceptions.

A bunch of us here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts feel stuck behind enemy lines when it comes to gun control, and it doesn't really seem to matter which political party is in charge.*

Count your blessings, folks. Imagine being stuck behind enemy lines, in Her Britannic Magesty's realm. Like Graham. He's fighting the good fight at his blog, Britain Needs Guns. Added to the blogroll. Stop by and take a look, and leave a note.

Hey Graham, just remember that "Colon Grunt" is an anagram for "Gun Control"! Coincidence? I don't think so ...

* Thanks for nothing, Mitt Romney.

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