Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Range Report - Beretta Cx4 Storm (Revisited)

A while back, I shot a Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine. It was a frustrating experience - in particular, I had trouble with the iron sights and the trigger. I think that this was the only Range Report where I couldn't find much good to say about the gun. #2 Son liked it, though. So I thought that since I still get a fair number of hits (for me) from people using their Google-fu for information about it.

As it turns out, the nice folks at the range had two in stock. The one I got this time had a peep sight. As it turns out, the trigger had much less take up than the first one. So did it make a difference?

You could say that. Boy, howdy. 25 yards. offhand, iron (peep) sights. 50 rounds.

Now, the interesting thing here is not the grouping: 25 yards really isn't very far, so there's not much to brag about here (it's an indoor range). What's interesting is that my impressions from the first time were pretty far off the mark. I was quite frankly pretty flummoxed the first time around. Going back to the well - especially with modifications that addressed the biggest objections - was instructive.

So here's my thinking about the Beretta Storm:
  1. It's handy: short, pretty light, points well. All the carbine virtues are well represented.
  2. Since it's chambered in 9mm pistol round, it's not spendy to shoot. I'm not sure that this would be the ideal home defense gun, but you'd want +P hollow point rounds. As for a carry gun, fuggedaboutit.
  3. If you get one, you'll want to think pretty hard about replacing the basic iron sights. You may also want a trigger job.
  4. #2 Son really likes shooting this.
  5. Beretta, I'm sorry I said those bad things about your product. I take it all back.
I guess that if you shoot something that simply doesn't sit well with you, it's worth while trying it out again sometime.

Oh, and the standard disclaimer:
I'm not any kind of gun or shooting expert. I like shooting, and shoot a fair number of different guns, but I'm really a dilettante. Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited.

I don't do scientific, repeatable tests. There's no checklist, although that's not a bad idea. I write about what I like and don't like, but it's pretty much stream of consciousness. Opinion, we got opinion here. Step right up.

I'm not a shooting teacher, although I do like to introduce people to shooting. Maybe some day I'll take the NRA teaching class, but until then, you get a dilettante's view. You'll get opinion here, but if you get serious about shooting, you'll want to get someone who knows what he's doing to give you some pointers. It can help.

And oh yeah, shooting things is fun.
UPDATE 27 November 2008 05:30: Via a comment by Mr. Bruce, a typo of herculean proportions.
"Maybe some day I'll take the NSA teaching class..."


If that's not a typo, you are The Man!

Fixed now. Thanks!


Mr. Bruce said...

"Maybe some day I'll take the NSA teaching class..."


If that's not a typo, you are The Man!

Weer'd Beard said...

People clammor far-and-wide about the 12 guage being the ultimate home defense gun...and I won't lie, #00 Buckshot is really unmached in close-quarters combat. Still I find the recoil fairly nasty on a shotgun due to the fast-burning powders and the load of ordinace it packs, so I wouldn't expect a new shooter to practice often enugh with it.

Handguns are nice too (and my personal choice, as you can tuck them away if that dorbell ring just happens to be the Avon lady, or a stranded motorist, or the police without having that aquard conversation of why you answered the door with a trench-broom) but they're also some of the most difficult guns to shoot. So if a new shooter asks me about a home-defense gun, I always recomend a pistol carbine. Long guns are easy to shoot, recoil is moderate, the carbines are most often light and handy, pistol calibers from long barrels are quite adequate in stopping power if using proper defensive loads, and they accept large amounts of ammo, and reload quick, so what's worth shooting once is worth shooting twice, and low recoil semi-auto means fast 2nd shots!

Also you get about the same building meterial penetration with a pistol carbine as a 12 guage buckshot....they'll still shoot through (multiple) walls and doors, but not to the excessive nature of things like rifle carbines, or slugs.