Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I'm going to miss Kim du Toit

Yes, I know that this is my eighth (!) post of today.*

Yes, I love the gunny goodness he dishes up - it's what got me following gunblogs in the first place. But this is what I love the most about Kim's writing, and will miss the most on his retirement:
Yeah. I was once fortunate enough to drive a Stratos—a full-blown rally car—for about two miles on a twisty dirt road, and I pushed it to the limit. At the end, nearly dead from adrenaline overdose, I asked the owner (who was my passenger) how I’d done. “Not bad, if you compare it to my granny,” was his cutting response. Then he offered to take me back along the same road, with himself as driver. He did it in half the time.
I'm sure that he drove it twice as fast as I would ....

Kim's great appeal is that he tells a story. He's kind of like a Joseph Campbell, only armed and not New Agey. Not a bad combination, when you think about it.

And "follow your bliss" sounds like an invitation to take your kids to the range, with a bunch of ammo. And Victoria Vetri, if she's agreeable ...

* I can stop any time I want. Really.

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