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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heikegani (The Tale of the Heike)

My Sunday music is disproportionately weighted towards the European Canon.  There is a lot of great classical music from other lands.  Today is Japan and the Take of the Heike.  This is sometimes referred to as the first ever novel (The Tale of Gengi), but as with Homer, the story was sung, not read in per-literate societies.  The story is nicely introduced by Carl Sagan, of all people:

We get a hint of the music in this, but only a hint.  Japanese music consists of recognizable instruments: stringed lutes, flutes, drums.  This is the real music, reminiscent of Homer an artist singing the tale and accompanying himself on what is easily portable..  It shows how seemingly familiar instruments can produce music that could be from another planet.  Ancient Greek and Roman music may not have been far from this.


libertyman said...

The music is unavailable at this time. Interesting story about Japan. Will check in later.

libertyman said...
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Old NFO said...

Different is a good word for it. Much of what I've heard in Japan is atonal and meant more (to me) as background for the story.

Chickenmom said...

Thanks for the music lesson - I have never heard music like that. Learned something new today!