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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do you miss Geocities?

Do you long for the days of blinking web fonts and (ahem) creative page layout?  You can find it alive and well here.  I particularly like the Chinese cover of Love Potion Number Nine.  That gets extra crazy style points for Geocities authenticity.

Hat tip: Bob, who always finds cool stuff.

UPDATE 9 February 2013 14:55: Internet Archaeology has a bunch of cached pages that give you the feel for what Geocities sites were renown for.  I particularly like #24 and #26.  That last one has unicorns, blinky fonts, and a goofy animated GIF of a broken hit counter (just like I have here!).


Glenn B said...

I could not possibly miss Geocities since I have no clue as to what was it. Pretty blinky site to which you linked.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Glenn, I must have missed that one... And looking at the link, no great loss! :-)

Steve said...

Lings Cars is a fantastic site! It's no easy task to maintain such a site. It has all sorts of fun stuff. Did you see the iPhone game?

Someone showed it to me a while back. It's not easily forgotten.

Ratus said...

Yes BP, but my aim is improving.

Borepatch said...

LOL, Ratus. I see a new snarky poster ...