Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The man who saved the world dies at 77

That little Swedish brat doesn't know what living on the edge of disaster is.  The world came within 30 minutes of nuclear destruction in 1983, and nobody remembers it.

But Stanislav Petrov saved everything.  Rest in peace.


Beans said...

Scary, no?

Can't imagine what sitting in/on/near/under any missile field would feel like, especially as some of the 'drills' are very realistic.

Oops with a bullet is bad. Oops with a nuke? Yeah.

Godspeed, Stanislav Petrov. Thank you for saving your and our nations.

Old NFO said...

Some of us do... Some of us were sitting on the alert when things got 'squirrely'...

Beans said...

Scariest time my dad ever spent was sleeping in his cockpit of his F84-G with a squad of armed guards around him because of the lightbulb underneath his plane.

There were times after the Cease Fire the Norks got friskily frisky enough to pad-alert the airbase. Only once did they break out the special stuff, from what he told me.