Friday, October 18, 2019

Environmentalists are idiots

Way to go, Team Green - you now have everyone who used to like you wanting to punch you in the face:

These are the Extinction Rebellion morons who are protesting not the eeeevil automobiles but mass transit.  They shut down the London Underground subway system at rush hour.  One of the heroes shown here got dragged from off the roof of a train and beaten up by a working class crowd who just wanted to get to work and earn a living.  Those in the crowd who didn't do the beating cheered it on.

The XR morons complain that they're just trying to get attention to their cause.  Mission accomplished, Scooter.  And if you think that I'm being overly harsh on XR by calling them "morons", take a look at their very own web site that has this to say about the crowd doing the beat down in the London Tube:
It’s no less through love and fear, and due to the same conditions of oppression that we face ourselves, that we saw such a disturbing reaction from some of those on the platform at Canning Town. These were commuters trying to get to work so they can support their loved ones. We recognise that disruption at Canning Town affected those already suffering the hardships of a toxic system – those who are the most at risk from the effects of climate and ecological collapse and for that we are truly sorry — just as we always are whenever we disrupt the public.
[emphasis in the original]  What did they expect?  Morons.  Go protest movie stars and Prince Harry flying everywhere, and you might get some sympathy from Joe Bloggs on his way to work.  Make it impossible for Joe to get to work, and get ready for a beat down.  This isn't Rocket Surgery, amirite?

And now we shift to the Netherlands - a more polite and civil people you won't find anywhere.  But the EU introduced a bunch of rules limiting how much nitrogen (or whatever - really, who cares?) can be released by each EU nation, and so Dutch farmers are being told to cull their herds to save on nitrogen (or whatever - like I said, who really cares what the stupid bureaucratic rule says?).  And so even the Dutch took to the streets:

Thousands of farmers shut down highways in a go-slow protest converging on the Dutch capital Monday, as they protested being victimised by a government trying to meet European Union emissions laws by cracking down on agriculture.

Protesters driving thousands of tractors and other pieces of farm machinery in enormous convoys heading to the Hague carried banners and signs reminding Dutch lawmakers of the importance of agriculture, including ‘#NoFarmersNoFood’. Hundreds of miles of highways were blocked by an estimated 3,000 tractors Wednesday morning.
There are amazing pictures at the link, like this one:

Pictures are good, but a video shows you just how massive this was:

So the environmentalists got all we're going to save the world and so they told people that basically they can't have any meat to eat.  What's funny is (a) they didn't think that anyone would mind and (b) when the government called out the military to set up road blocks to stop the protesters the tractors drove into the fields and right around the road blocks.  It seems that nobody in the Dutch military understands that tractors are off-road vehicles.

Top. Men.

And so we see that Environmentalists are idiots.  Rather than protesting the grotesque pollution in, say, China; rather than protesting the extravagant travel-related pollution by loud mouthed environmentalists like Leonardo DiCaprio or Prince Harry; rather than focusing on a problem worth solving they tell people that they can't take mass transit to work or have any meat for dinner.

And these people wonder why the response is a good hard kick in the Nads?  Idiots.


Rick C said...

"when the government called out the military to set up road blocks to stop the protesters the tractors drove into the fields and right around the road blocks. "

So the military got Maginot'ed? Ha!

Beans said...

Or, as I really think... The military was ordered to block the roads. The Roads. The military, which contains more right-leaning and meat-eating people than the left, chose to interpret the order as written.

Order was most likely not to 'stop the tractors at all' but just stop them using the roads.

Military people, the people who march on their stomachs, are all too familiar with what effect a nation's agriculture has on that nation's military.

So, well, wait for it to come out that the Mil just did exactly what their civilian masters wanted, and then when the civilian masters start yelling at them for not stopping the tractors, the Mil dudes will go, "You ordered us to block the roads..." with that blank, innocent look...


As to the dumb-arses from XR, woulda been funny if the train moved and they got whomped by the top of the tunnel, and fell down on the 3rd rail and rode the lightning. I have no tolerance for climate extremists at all (used to get into raging arguments with the missus over the Sea Shepard pirates in their piratical attacks on the Japanese Whaling Fleet. Japan missed a big chance there to send out one of their subs to sink the stupid Sea Shepards... dangit.)

tiredWeasel said...

The problem lies deeper - nitrate pollution really is becoming a problem.
A popular method for farmers in Europe to dispose of cow droppings is to dump the reeking sloppy mess on the fields as "fertilizer".
It slowly poisons the waters.

Of course, afaik they get subsidized for doing so because that's "organic" or something so yeah...

Richard said...

I am amazed that the Dutch still have a military. As far back as the Cold War, it was sort of a joke. Since they are unionized, it was probably break time when the order to block the farmers came down.