Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hmmm ... something happened in the Middle East

It seems that it was bad.  The Democrats are saying it's because Donald Trump did something.  Because nothing bad has ever happened in the Middle East before.

What's interesting is that nobody is talking about the US history in the Middle East.  George Bush got us into a war in Iraq, and then kept us there throughout his entire administration.  The Democrats thought this was self-evidently bad.  Then Obama did one better and got two wars in the Middle East (Libya and Iraq) which have been going on ever since.

But the Democrats are saying that it is self-evidently bad that Trump is pulling our soldiers out of what seems to be never ending wars.  Man, I'm so old that I remember when they thought wars with no objective or end were bad.


Rev. Paul said...

Spot on, sir.

tk421a said...

The argument that President Bush was wrong in sending troops into the middle east is moot, what was done, was done.

The Kurds that Trump has ordered abandoned are once again facing genocide. These are a group of fierce fighters who have fought, bled and died alongside American forces fighting ISIS And, for all that are now are being thrown under the bus.

One sideshow in all this is the ISIS fighters that were being held by the Kurds are being set free since the Kurds are in a fight for their survival and don't have the resources to do this. So, sooner or later these people will land on America's shores. One military maxim that Trump has no understanding of is that it's better to fight "over there" than over here." The blood these fanatics will spill in America will be on Trump's hands.

Trump's tenure as president has set in play American allies' refusal to respond when they are asked for help. A recent example of this was the lack of response to an American request for military ships to protect civilian shipping in the gulf. This means that for all intent and purposes Iran now owns the Gulf.

Why? One thing that all the major powers have come to learn, is that America under Trump cannot be trusted to stand by its allies and they are acting accordingly.

America does not operate in a political vacuum. Thanks to Trump's ADHD leadership style, allies are making trade deals and military alliances that are slowly marginalizing the United States. It may not be next month or even next year, but America is facing modern-day Visigoths and will eventually go the way of Rome and there will be nobody else to blame but Americans.

As Sun Tzu wrote:

"When the leader is morally weak and his discipline not strict, when his instructions and guidance are not enlightened, when there are no consistent rules, neighbouring rulers will take advantage of this."

Borepatch said...

tk421a, that's absurd. Our allies didn't send ships because they don't have any - we've paid for their defense for so long that they've been under funding their militaries for decades. It appears that Germany has essentially *NO* combat ready aircraft, and only a few dozen combat ready tanks. And they're the biggest economy in Europe.

Trump is easy to blame, but this sort of nonsense has been going on for a long, long time. I don't remember you commenting here before, but I've been posting for a long time about how NATO has been free riding on us. Trump is doing something about it - which the Euros hate. That's what's causing friction, not Trump's style.

Said differently, it's not his style, it's his results that they don't like. He's not letting them cheat (as much).

LSP said...

"Eventually go the way of Rome."

Our money is rotten.

Jester said...

Yeah, let's not engage in the fact that the bulk of vested by the US with either UN actions or otherwise are funded in blood, manpower, money, equipment, time, logistics, food, etc etc etc. Lets also not forget that alliances change with political or tribal winds at the drop of a hat anywhere, but especially the middle east. Lets not also forget that Obama pulled us out of areas and inserted us in areas in the middle east that causes even more firestorms as much as everyone slammed the Bush.20 for. While I could agree with say mebbe give some material support to the Kurds, did we are are not we still involved in Afghanistan after we gave support to the same sort of assholes we supported to fight the Soviet Union? Suddenly with out a lot to do they found us a target..

pjk said...

tk421a, I also believe that the Kurds will set the ISIL fighters/terrorists free - probably with a 7.62X39 to the back of the head.