Wednesday, October 2, 2019

How Donald Trump can ride the impeachment circus to a second term

It's hard to argue with this:
President Trump should extract the full price for their farce. Whilst the attorney general and inspector general continue investigating Hillarygate and Muellergate, President Trump should have fun with this by forcing Democrats to make their case to the American people.


That means putting the whistle blower on the stand. The Constitution requires the accuser to face the accused.

That means putting Hunter Biden on the stand. Why not? Donald Trump Jr. was called to testify many times as Democrats tried to entrap him. Parade the coke-addled Biden before the entire nation.
Remember, Trump knows how to make TV that people watch.
Put all the deep state creepies on the stand.

Let the public see what a cretinous lot we have in Washington. Make them sweat. Ridicule them.

Finally, as I wrote on Friday, put Donald John Trump on the stand. His debate performances in the 2016 race showed he can handle it. I offered three examples, and then wrote, "Megyn Kelly is gone from the airwaves. Jeb! and the Bush Dynasty are over. Hillary is wandering the Earth in a tent dress muttering about losing.


I would drag the impeachment trial out for a month. Every day a new defense witness. Every day a public humiliation. Every day a jump in his job approval.
At the end of all this, 80% of the country would think that the House of Representatives is full of a lot of nonsense, that the Democratic Party are sore losers who are happy to hurt the country, and that the Deep State is a reality.  And then we all go to the polls to vote for the next President.  This is clearly a cunning plan cooked up by Top Men in the Democratic Party.

Top.  Men.


Rick C said...

Saw this via Ace of Spades:

About a minute in Trump praises the NYT. NYT thrown under the bus by Democrats in 3...2...

edutcher said...

Put all the deep state creepies on the stand.

Declassify their dirt and then get them on the stand - Zippy, Willie, Lurch, Gropin' Joe (a ton of fun), the Beast, Pelosi Galore, Fatty Nadless, Schiff For Brains, Holder, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Mule Ears, Struck (or whatever the Hell his name is) and all their soldiers (by this I mean Occasional Cortex, Hell's Harem, etc.) and consiglieri.

Show the world the Democrat party is and always was a criminal enterprise.

The Demos won't be able to run for dog catcher in Dogpatch for a hundred years.

Richard said...


The Democrats could nominate Pol Pot and he would get at least 40%. The problem is much bigger than their leadership.