Friday, October 18, 2019

Trump continues to dismantle Obama's legacy

Obama got us into the Syrian quagmire - what motivated him is a mystery to me - but like The One's other "pen and phone" initiatives, The Donald is sweeping it into the dustbin of history.  I believe that this is a major reason for the hysterical reaction of most of the Press.

But this is a winning issue for Trump.  Why did Obama get us into Syria in the first place?  Nobody knows, nobody told us.  Why should we spend American blood and treasure to stay there now?  Nobody knows, nobody will tell us.

Okay then.  Oh, and this is really funny:


Beans said...

Trump is using events like Syria to take attention away from a lot of his domestic moves, like de-powering the Bureaucracy.

The man's a showman. And far more classy than people give him credit for. Plus.. Melania...

The Lab Manager said...

It's amazing how both sacks of crap in both parties can come together to worry about a border several thousand miles away instead of the one we are having issues with all the time thanks to their incompetence.

Though no vote was taken to send troops there, it's now important to have a vote. These Congresscum are incredibly out of touch with reality.

McChuck said...

Always remember that our border is unprotected because both parties want it that way.