Thursday, October 10, 2019

Arguing with gun grabbers

It's like talking to a wall.


Tom Lindsay said...

Well, I guess BlogSplat doesn't like Sal the Agorist, as it doesn't show this post. Only if I refresh do I see the link for about a second.

Beans said...

If only all the people of the Gun had risen up our voices in 1934, 1968 etc nationally and locally, rather than hiding in the corner hoping no one would notice us, we would all have our full rights of arms.

Sad, so very sad.

But at least it seems in many places the line in the sand, so moveable every year as we have lost more and more allowances, more and more of our rights, seems to finally be solidifying.


Finally the appeasement mask is off and we all, every one of us, gunnies and non-gunnies, see what is the real meaning of appeasement and of cooperation with the 'reasonable gun control measures' put forth by 'concerned citizens' and 'worried parents' and 'anti-violence policy makers' and other various socialists and moral prostitutes.


It's either us, or them. Our arms, from knives to pistols to guns, all flavors and varieties, our freedom of self-defense, OR complete disarmament and compliance with their policies.

Finally. The masks of the national socialists and international socialists have fallen.

Hopefully it's not too late. Hopefully we'll band together as a group and shout out in one voice "ENOUGH! AND WE WANT IT ALL BACK! NOW!"

But, unfortunately, there are too many appeasers and quislings in our midst. Too many wormtongues whispering in the ears of our 'leaders.'

Hopefully we'll be able to drown out their insidious voices, for once.

ASM826 said...

No step on snek.

A Reader said...

It doesn't like twitter generally, I think. I can see the content of these tweets in my blogger feed, but not by reading this blog directly.

McChuck said...

"Trust in me, just in me.
Shut your eyes, and trust in me."