Monday, October 7, 2019

Speed check

This is an old story - I posted it ten years or so ago - but I hadn't known that the pilot of the SR-71 that requested a speed check from Air Traffic Control told this story.  He's really funny.


juvat said...

Brian Shul is a very funny guy. We were IPs together at Holloman. His story is very interesting. It's worth the viewing.

libertyman said...

Yes, what a great story. Brian Shul has a inspirational life story as well.
His book "Sled Driver" is a fantastic book as are his others.

Greg said...

A college buddy of mine was a navigator on tankers for the SR-71. On one mission, his pilot asked the sled driver to state his altitude. The reply "uh...I can't. It's classified." "Well then, give me your altitude when you can." Minutes later, "Now descending through 100,000." Many of that planes numbers are STILL under wraps.
I watched one take off and land at Beale. The only louder noise I've ever heard was Bachman Turner Overdrive.