Monday, October 7, 2019

The Invisible People of this country

The Gormogons was one of my daily reads, but one sadly suffering "blogger burnout" after more than a decade.  I can't blame them, since I already quit.

But while they don't post a lot anymore, when they do it's sure worth a read.  Gettoputer has a spectacular post saying "thank you" to the invisible people who keep the world working:
Patty is the face of millions of workers across America today. A good person working a difficult job for low pay and doing the best she can. ‘Puter figures the least he can do is to say thank you.
So, thank you all of you working difficult jobs which don’t pay you what you deserve.
Thank you, Patty and all the other fast food workers like you. You give those of us in “better” jobs perspective.
Thank you, people who pick up my trash, treat my sewage, and provide me clean water. You have saved more lives throughout history than all the doctors and surgeons combined. Suck it, Doc.
Thank you, soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and coasties. You literally put your lives on the line for our nation every day.
You really need to read the whole thing - the whole damn thing - especially this Monday morning.  This is why you should follow The Gormogons.


Richard said...

He is plagiarizing a country song from a few years ago, perhaps unknowingly.
Couldn't find the link because there is so much music on this topic.

Beans said...

That is why we, the deplorables, leave tips, say "Thank You," and still hold doors and offer to help and use words like "Ma'am" and "Sir" and "Please" and all the other pleasantries that make a civilized world a better place.

I've gone into 'non-deplorable' hells before and used deplorable charm and it's shocking how a dull, worn face can brighten up when someone actually acknowledges the person's existence in a nice way.

Or you get your head ripped off. Eh, it happens. at about a 1 in 999 times.

This nation would be a better place if a little southern charm and hospitality was introduced into the Hell-Bergs.

(I can always tell when new Yankee (obnoxious, from up north, superior attitude (so why you come down heah for your education?)) students come to town. They don't say "Thank you" to the cashiers. After about 2 months, the south wins and they'll usually start saying "Please" and "Thank You", well, the ones that have any redeemable souls...

LindaG said...


Ritchie said...

Que "The Sons of Martha."