Monday, September 9, 2019

Why there will be no gun control bills passed this year

The reason is that Donald Trump wants to get re-elected:
... reports suggest that Trump’s internal polling is highlighting the danger of proceeding with gun control measures, measures it should be noted that target the law-abiding and would not stop criminals from committing gun-related crimes.
As President Donald Trump has mulled acting on gun control legislation in the wake of a string of mass shootings, data gathered by the president’s campaign showed that supporting any gun control measures would pose a problem for him politically going into the 2020 election season, according to sources familiar with the results.
To paraphrase Dr. Johnson, when a man knows he is to run for election in a year it concentrates his mind wonderfully.


SiGraybeard said...

I went to to search for something relevant there, but found only one even vaguely related on repeal of the NFA. (Come to think of it, I think I signed that some time ago)

I don't see a search capability.

We need to start a petition to prevent red flag laws without court hearings, penalties for frivolous accusations, and fines/prison for individual government workers acting without regard to rights of the accused. That's one. I don't have firm ideas on all the other proposals we hear about, but re-defining transfer to mean loaning a gun to a friend, or simply handing one to them to look at and get a feel for, has to be dropped.

LindaG said...

Even if there was some sort of bill that might get him a few votes from people who want to see it done; would gun owners shoot themselves in the foot and let demonrats win?

That would be a most unwise move, I think.

Eagle said...

Transfer must be defined as sole, complete, and unrestricted possession and control over the firearm after the two parties are no longer in each others' immediate vicinity. Otherwise, no transfer has taken place - especially if the original "owning party" retains sole, complete, and unrestricted possession and control afterwards.

As far as "red flag laws", one would hope that Trump wouldn't be dumb enough to support anti-Constitutional / un-Constitutional policies.

One would hope, anyway...

Borepatch said...

Linda, the topic is toxic to a lot of folks, likely many more than "might" vote for him if he pushed some generic gun bill.

Eagle, no more gun control laws. I have a link on the side bar that goes into why in more detail, but the short version is that gun control laws are stupid and useless.

Antibubba said...

The question is, on 1/21/21, is he going to throw us to the wolves? Or the wolves at us? Because he has no pro-2A convictions whatsoever.

Eagle said...

BP, I agree that there are already far too many gun control laws - and that it isn't possible to create any new ones without further infringing an explicit Constitutional right (not a derived, imaginary, implicit, or otherwise "invented" right).

My response was to emphasize Graybeard's comment re. a "transfer" at a gun range and how merely using another person's firearm is NOT a "transfer".

Bob said...

I'll second Antibubba - - If the President is re-elected, will he feel emboldened to pass gun control as a lame duck?

Will said...


if he wants a decent legacy, he'll stay far away from gun control. If he wants a really stand-out legacy, then go for it, and see what starting CW2 does for his name.