Thursday, September 5, 2019

What the heck is up with Joe Biden's eye?

This is weird:
Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a blood vessel burst in his left eye while participating in CNN's town hall on climate change.

A broken blood vessel in the eye, also known as a subconjuctival hemorrhage, can be caused by several things, including high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, blood thinners, or even excessive straining.
"Can be caused by several things"?  Hmmmm:


Pachydermis2 said...

Clinically not significant. But it takes several weeks to resolve. That's a long time looking weird on the campaign trail. Expect more aviator sunglasses photos.

Cause? Could be nothing. Near nothing like a coughing spell. Is he old enough to be straining from severe constipation?* If he is on anticoagulants this is not information that is widely known. Google Joe Biden's health and get ready for plenty of puffery on his health care plan and some nonsense from the neurosurgeon who had a look "under the hood" decades back and said that all is well in there in 2019.

I say H.Clinton lost the election when her anticoagulated head was only barely prevented from hitting the pavement as she left the 911 Memorial. What's with our Democratic fellow citizens? Nominating an elderly person with a weird eye and a history of neurosurgery worked so very well for them last time around......


*sorry for that image.

ProudHillbilly said...

Actually fairly common. The least of his problems.

ASM826 said...

I just figured he's a Terminator and has some surface damage.