Friday, September 27, 2019

The rant of the day

It's over at Aesop's, so get on over there.  Here's a taste:
Anybody who thinks that you should be open-carrying AR-15s at the food court is a fuckwit.
Unless there are Zombies and ninja assassins there, 24/7/365.
No? Then fuckwit. Period. Full stop. 
That says nothing about whether you should be allowed to, or whether the Second Amendment is a good thing or a bad thing.
The "But huh second amendment" types are hurting the team.  Aesop points out that people are used to seeing open carry pistols, because every cop in the land carries like that.  But when was the last time you saw a cop carry an AR-15?  Even though they can, they don't.

But there are guys who want to play "Operator LARP".  They make a lot of people nervous.  Heck, they'd probably make me nervous.  The only thing they're "normalizing" is the idea that there should be more restrictions on gun owners.

So pretty please stop that nonsense.  And I'm entirely with Aesop on the 2A:
I think I'm on damned fine ground that the Second Amendment said "arms" because the whole damned arsenal was up for ownership, not just pistols and rifles.
I think that means crew-served weapons, artillery in actual fact, and tanks, airplanes, and battleships too. (If you can feed it, you can keep it.) Otherwise the sections concerning Letters of Marque would have been pointless.

And if some guy had a frigate, and permission from Uncle Sugar to do it, and was selling spots to hunt pirates in any of a dozen worldwide trouble spots, you and I know the sign-up list of spots would be sold out in 30 minutes, with lines around the block.

Pirates would be more endangered than rhinos if we went there. And we should have, long ago.

And if anyone suggested that at an NRA meeting, the pussified leadership there would shit their pants. (The crowd of the membership would likely put you on the Board of Directors by vocal acclaim, in contrast.)
I'm making a new post tag, "Operator LARP" because I expect we'll see more of this idiocy in the future.


Glen Filthie said...

It depends on what the situation is. If you are just being a mall ninja with a rifle then yes, Aesop is absolutely right. But if it is a 2A protest or something like that, and the gun is a "BFYTW" statement? That might be a different can of worms. The antigun crowd needs to see a raised middle finger, and they need to know people aren't going to lay down and take their shite.

Up here in Canada, our fwench whoreson of a swine minister is gearing up to grab our AR's in order to prevent all gun crime. I am seriously going to be burying guns in sealed PVC pipes if that fag gets re-elected in October. According to the records, there's only 76,000 AR owners in Canada and Turdo can walk all over us without a second thought with demographics like that.

Wish me luck in the days ahead boys - and all the best to you in return.

Beans said...

I fondly remember growing up, with pickups having gun racks full of guns, with no-one freaking out.

People riding bicycles with guns over their shoulders as they rode to go pop squirrels or rabbits or go bang at the range or plink.

Now? In this enlightened age? Geez, you'd be SWATed to death in 15 seconds in most good places for exposing your weapon like that.

Why? Because a bunch of lackwitted half-brained (and that half-brain is pretty much dead from Leftist Stupidity Syndrome) get their panties in a bunch every time they see or hear guns.

How many times do the sheriffs get called out because someone is shooting, in the countryside, on their own property and some leftist twit freaks out when they're communing with nature, or even worse, actually move to the country and then start complaining about the sounds, the smells, the air etc...

And, well, in Florida, accidentally reveal your CCW in the middle of the friggin blazing summer with 100% humidity and zero breeze and you're wearing a gun-burka because the anti-gun religionists have forced us to cover up, and you'll likely get the cops called on you.

So, well, gun-larping as you call it? If it's legal, and the people aren't acting stupid, then screw it. We have more things to worry about as a society, like the open use of marijuana or needle-injected drugs, people pooping and peeing in public, the push for homeless 'rights' and 'rights for illegal aliens' and a whole host of issues that are dangerous and bad and potentially nation or world ending (like, oh, Typhoid, Leprosy, Plague (of 57 or so varieties), Ebola (it's coming, thanks to underreporting by idiots in Africa and aid workers who want to come back home to die) and death by poor sanitation, death by getting rid of fossil fuels, death by fake meat products, etc.

Some guy carrying a gun legally vs some Rastafarianish dude toking in public or some drunk driving? Or some antifa smuck screaming about how we're all nazis? I'll take a guy packing heat legally, any day.

And, yes, there are people who will go overboard. So what. Boohoo. I'd rather see a guy with three guns than a Drag Queen reading to pre-schoolers or some Gay Rights march that looks more like a bondage fest.

I mean, just look at society today. Statues are being removed for all sorts of reasons, many because 'gunz.' If a statue carrying a statue-gun makes you quiver in fear, just... go shoot yourself.

The pushback of gun-larping is because everywhere there is movement by a small, very small, very very small but very vocal minority of over-controlling freaks who want all gun owners disarmed, including legal ccw or legal open carry or even the guy who has a gun at home that no-one ever sees.

When is enough enough? We have presidential candidates openly calling for gun bans and removal of the 2A. Harris, O'Roarke, Booker are three right off the top of my head that I can think of.

Where's the screaming by the gun owners over that? I hear crickets. And it scares me.

So, well, gun-larping? Go for it. Especially when it's in response to stupidity like what happened in Florida at the first Florida Carry fishing event, where open carry was quiet, and yet the LEO-fuds freaked out and overacted because GUNZ and the LEO and the civilians didn't know the law (which was what Florida Carry was trying to do.) Sooo, yeah, the 2nd event the FC people larped it up, in reaction to the stupidity of the LEOs and citizens.

I am much more worried about open carry of drugs, or drunk driving, or that stupid person with 50 leftist and socialist bumperstickers on their car than I am normal people open carrying.

As to the photo shown in the example? 3 clean cut dudes, open carrying. Dressed normally. No Antifa masks or hoodies or body armor. No BLM outfits or molotovs. Just 3 dudes in nice clothes and one AR. Boo-friggin-hoo.

It's past time that we stop caring about the feelings of idiots who hate us.

Tom Lindsay said...

Thank you for solidifying my argument that open carry is okay, but "open carry my AR because F you" is just going to push the middle 80 percent toward the anti gun point of view.

It's interesting that the most vocal discussion I had about this was at our state gun rights organization's annual convention, while we were all having snacks and drinks. One fellow was very adamant that we should all be able to open carry ARs, and his main argument was that citizens age 18 to 21 could not get a carry permit so how would they be able to defend themselves. Smh.

Note, no one at this convention open carried a rifle at any time. I guess I should have pointed that out at the time.

Beans said...

And, to continue. Well, in the world of speedy trials, there's a saying, "Justice delayed is Justice denied."

Apply this to legal open carry. "Legal Open Carry delayed is Legal Open Carry denied." See? It fits. It works. And, in truth, it is a very truthful statement.

We gun owners and gun lovers and gun freaks have been denied our gun rights since way before 1934. Just 1934 was the beginning of the great gun rights grab. And what have we won back? Well, at least the 1994 AWB wasn't renewed. Wow, fabulous push for restoration of rights, not renewing a patently illegal ban. Wooo. (sound of party whistles and poppers going off.)

Meanwhile, we have whole states openly violating federal law over illegal immigration, over state and federal laws over substances (like marijuana. Seriously, how many medical pot holders out there vs un-licensed pot smokers? Since that crappy piece of law was forced on us (defeated 3 times in a row before finally sneaking in as 'medical marijuana) every stoner thinks they can smoke without repercussions. Like in Alachua County, where the Sheriff openly stated that she was not going to enforce marijuana laws. Great. You can get slammed for smoking a cig, but light up a blunt? Move along, nothing to see.

Yet how much damage to society has marijuana done, especially the modern pot? Lots. Lots and lots. Proven damage to developing brains, proven damage to the brain overall. Not to mention lung damage from smoking and potential lung infections from hooka-ing or water bongs (just like from vaping...) yet everyone's concerned about guns carried by normals?

Then there are places that violate the law by allowing openly hostile, armed and masked ANITFA and other 'protestors' to illegally disrupt a legal assembly. Burning cars in the nation's capital on the day a president is sworn in. Openly blocking highways (which is a federal crime, by the way) or trashing whole sections of a city. But it's an open carry LARPer who is the threat?


Quite frankly, the open-carry LARPers are in reaction to illegal groups being allowed to openly defy the laws the rest of us have to follow, and (tin foil hat) and the openly illegal way parts of our government are acting.

Glen Filthie said...

Tom - with all due respect - they're going that way anyhow. Up here in Canada we have been the model of civility with the gun grabbers... and now they're after our AR15s and they aren't shy about it - that's just a start. They want all the guns and handguns may or may not go the same time the AR's do. "Being nice" to those people isn't cutting it. They need us in their face, with a gun muzzle at their chest saying "BFYTW" loud and clear.

As a Canadian I watched liberals gut our constitution and bill of rights to the point that the principles of our forefathers are meaningless. No compromise or concession was good enough; they just keep coming back with more demands. If you disagree with them they call you names and try to shame and harass you - when do THEY have to be civil?

Screw the middle 80% too if that's what it takes.

Aesop said...

Beans, when they're literally coming for your guns, don't open carry, OPEN FIRE!

That does not, in the meantime, justify being a public fuckwit as a pro-active temper tantrum, which merely hands an ammo can full of probable cause to the gun banners, "because those gun people are all jackasses. Just look!"

The enemy gets a vote.
All Idiot Open Carry does is hand them the keys to the ballot boxes too.

I'm not compromising with gun banners on this.
I'm asking fellow gun owners to stop compromising common sense.
(Like The 10% could ever grow a brain, right?)

Tanks are rolling up your driveway? Carry a bazooka, IDGAF.

You're getting a banana split at the Dairy Queen? Try to muddle through with just a .44 magnum, and three speedloaders, okay?
It was good enough for Dirty Harry.

Even Bert Gummer didn't pull out the heavy artillery until those damned worms came into the wrong goddam rec room, now did he?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but a substitute penis is always just a dildo.

Beans said...

Aesop, respectfully, they're coming after our guns no matter what. And the sad thing is there are lots of gunpeople who go, "Well, they're not coming for my antique semi-auto, bolt-gun, double-barreled shotgun, percussion cap rifle or pistol, flint-lock, wheel-lock, matchlock...

Either you want all gun rights, including open carry, which, in places where there is open carry, only one or two 'stupids' have acted up, and then usually they're responding to the general sentiment of 'Well, we Allow open carry, we just don't want to see open carry.' Or you don't any gun rights at all, or any other 'Arms' rights, including knives and so forth.

To use your DQ reference, say I'm on my Harley and are coming back from the shooting range with my AR race gun all tricked out. And I want to use the can. So, if open carry is legal, why can't I carry muh AR, hurhur, into DQ so I can drop a deuce and get a cone?

And so what? Mention one person 'harmed' by someone legally open carrying, whether a NAA mini pistol or, well, something from Bert Gummer's heavy section? I'm not talking about mental harm like from seeing a piece of bread in the rough shape of a gun, I'm talking about real harm. Like show up in emergency room harm.

As to the whole penis/dildo thingy, that is the exact argument that the anti-gun fuds use against any ownership or possession of any gun. Your inner Califrutopiastan is showing. Showing hard.

And, according to you, it is okay to infringe on that whole 'shall not be infringed' thingy. Seriously weird version of no infringement you got there.

Hey, I know, let's get rid of all SUVs because they scare me. Let's get rid of all bacon because it scares muslims. Let's get rid of...

See? What, they aren't the same? Yes, yes they are. Both are legal (so far, but both CAIR and California are working hard to get rid of at least one of each...) as is Open Carry in Open Carry locations. Muh Butthurt doesn't outweigh My Rights.

If it's legal, it's legal. It's a binary solution. Either legal, therefore okay no matter how stupid you and others feel, or it isn't. And I can strongly argue that no matter what fed, state or local laws are, they are all in violation of the big 2A.

Shall not be infringed (except when Aesop and other pro-gunfuds get their panties in a twist.)(See, I can play childish, too.)

Richard said...

While I almost always CC for tactical reasons, I live in a place where OC is common and no one gets alarmed. The operative word here is place. Cities are enemy territory and should be avoided whenever possible.

The question raised initially was "is OC good political tactics, even if legal. To rephrase the question, is this the hill we want to die on. In the past I would have answered no for the reasons stated. But I am not sure any more. Patriots are going to die on some hill (hopefully in a winning cause) or in some camp if we lose. In an increasingly polarized country and with the Left ramping up its aggression, I wonder whether playing to the mushy middle is a winning strategy. I don't pretend to know what the future holds but I do think demonizing those who are basically on our side because of a tactical dispute is a bad idea. And I think people have an obligation to answer "if not this hill, which one". Where is the red line?

Aesop said...

Stupid hypotheticals are still stupid.

Take your AR home from the range, and then go get your ice cream. The hallmark of adulthood is impulse control and learning to live with delayed gratification. (Except, evidently, for some owners of modern carbines.) Jackassery problem solved.

Stop pimping arguments for the childish morons, please. You're just enabling them. As is Angus.

You can contort all you want; if someone's open carrying long arms, in most times and places, and absent exigent extraordinary circumstances, no matter how you want to twist and gyre, you're overwhelmingly likely just being a dick for no good reason.

That has nothing to do with "them" coming for your guns.
That's been true since at least the 1960s, openly.
And yet, people then didn't wander into the local store packing a rifle either, just because they could. Because it was stupid then too.

The Open Carry Retard Posse needs to stop making everyone who owns, or carries, look as stupid as the twatwaffle who thinks his wish for ice cream right now and "muh open carry rights" trumps common sense. I don't need nor want people with a mental malfunction to self-select and appoint themselves spokesholes for "the movement". Those retards are drawn to attention-whoring like politicians are attracted to news cameras and microphones. They're making the problem worse for everyone, for zero gain, except scratching the itch of their own psychosis. The end result is plenty of good cause to restrict a natural right, because they're that short-sighted. Hitching your wagon to their tractor of Dumbass isn't helping anyone, in any way, except those who are "coming for your guns".

I repeat, please, stop enabling stupid people and carrying their water.

Otherwise, take your same hypothetical, and make it stopping off for a tour of the White House, the local government building, or watching the weekend high school football game, and show your work. "Why shouldn't I be able to register my vehicle or pay my property taxes on the way home from the range with an AR-15 on my back?" It's that stupid, and there isn't enough lipstick at the entire mall to pretty up that pig.

Stupid ideas are always stupid, and nothing in either natural law nor the Second Amendment ever changes that. Play stupid games...

The Lab Manager said...

It's too bad most rubes are conditioned to think only those with the appropriate government issues costume can openly carry. However, there is not much reason to do so at this point and I'm ok with private businesses that prohibit open carry. However, if they want to make a political issue out of it, then I have a problem with that.

Richard said...

As near as I can tell, the only one showing lack of impulse control at the keyboard is you. I am open to arguments that OC is bad political tactics as well as bad security tactics but insulting potential allies is definitely bad political tactics. Disagree with them with arguments not with words like Jackassary, childish morons, dicks, Retard, twatwaffle, spokesholes, psychosis, and dumbass. All those just from your last post. Everyone else here, on both sides, is respectful. So chill, we may need those people someday soon.

Aesop said...

Impulse control at the keyboard isn't the topic under discussion, Sir Holier Than Thou.

Impulse control driving home with a weapon strapped to one's back is.

I hold no brief for cuddling retards or mollycoddling morons.
You are nonetheless free to do as you will, and recruit allies on the short bus if it suits you, just as I am free not to.

But remember it's a zero sum game.

So when you've hogged all those lovable idiots for yourself, you've denied them the opportunity to become the other side's morons.

Conversely, I want all the morons on the other team, to the greatest extent possible. I don't think you'll be able to recruit enough morons fast enough to save you from what they'll accomplish. And self-inflict.

You think politeness will win the day.
I think winning will win.
Real life is not no-score little league, where everyone plays, and they all get participation trophies.
And if any endeavor in life needs a Simon Cowell to tell people wholly unqualified to hang up their dreams and walk away, it's the shooting community. The Open Carry Idiot posse is the mental equivalent of the guy who thinks he can ignore Cooper's Four Rules, because the Second Amendment. Maybe you have a better word, but I think jackass is the kindest and gentlest description of such a person, and accurate to a "t". If the truth is insulting, they are free to change their behavior. A moron is a moron, but they are always free to mend their ways, with no hindrance from me. And if hugging them afterwards makes you feel better, by all means, go ahead on.

Angus McThag said...

Open carry is expanding, not contracting so the people you're ranting about aren't hurting us at the ballot box.

Florida's recent bought of gun control didn't mention open carry at all.

With nobody at all open carrying it was Marion Hammer who killed open carry in Florida. People actually are going to jail in Florida for exposing a tiny amount of holster then expending thousands of dollars in legal fees and time to, eventually, get the charge dropped. It's not a hypothetical. The law and our rights aren't being respected by the police. But we should lie back and think of England because, hypothetically, someone is scared and, hypothetically, go anti-gun at the ballot box? Remember, open carry is expanding, it's getting easier everyday in more places. Constitutional carry has also been expanding, even in places where people have shown up with rifles slung across their backs.

The gun rights policy conference didn't dedicate even a second to how open carry was hurting the movement.

So far the only people who are definitely upset about open carry are people who purport to be pro-gun.

Honestly, I'm far more worried about the press latching onto the meme that "even pro-gun people hate this!" than "there's people doing it!"

We've been lucky, so far that they haven't.

I didn't even have to resort to calling anyone a derogatory name to make my point.