Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ice water in his veins

Dwight has a great obituary of a true flying hero who landed a plane that couldn't be landed and saved a lot of lives.  My favorite bit was this:
Sioux City Approach: United two thirty-two heavy, the wind’s currently three six zero at one one three sixty at eleven. You’re cleared to land on any runway …

Captain: [Laughter] Roger. [Laughter] You want to be particular and make it a runway, huh?
It's poignant that he went to his grave regretting that he didn't save everyone on board.  Rest in peace.

He also has the obit for a doctor who treated both JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald.


drjim said...

I still remember hearing him make the remark about "A runway, huh?" or whatever it was he replied back to the tower, and how he was chuckling.

Rest In Peace, Captain!

BillB said...

I second drjim's sentiments. As a former Air Force transport pilot, the whole incident amazed me. That he saved all the people that he did through his airmanship was beyond amazing. I am sorry to hear that he felt he failed those who died.